This program is designed for 1-3 years of schooling (level 1-5)
Facing to Wall (FTW), with Line of the Dance (LOD)

Slow Waltz
Level 1(FTW): Small Square x2, Big Square
Level 2(LOD): Natural Turn, Change, Reverse Turn, Change
Level 3(LOD): Half Natural Turn, Hesitation, Half revers Turn, Chasse to Left
Level 4(LOD): Half Natural Turn, Close Impetus Turn, steps 4-6 of Reverse Turn, Chasse to Right, Outside Change to PP, Natural Sping Turn, Chasse to Left

Level 1(FTW): Basic Square, Reverse Turn x2
Level 2(LOD): Link, Close Promenade, Reverse Turn, Rock to Side, steps 4-6 of Revers Turn
Level 3(LOD): Basic Step x2, Link to Promenade Position (PP), Close Promenade, Four Step, Link to PP, Close Promenade

Viennese Waltz
Level 1(LOD): Natural Turn
Level 2(LOD): Natural Turn, Change of Direction, Reverse Turn, Change of Direction

Quick Step
Level 1(FTW): Basic Square x2, Tiple Chasse x4, Tiple Chasse with Turn x4
Level 2(LOD): Quarter Turn to Right, Quarter turn to Left
Level 3(LOD): Quarter Turn to Right, Quarter turn to Left, Tipple Chasse to Left, Lock Step Backward, Tipple Chasse to Right, Lock Step Forward
Level 4(LOD): Level 3 + Open Natural Turn, Running Finish

Level 1(FTW): Wisk x4, Basic Movement x4, Corta Jaca x2,  Stationary  Samba Walk x4
Level 2(LOD): Level 1 + Samba Walk in Promenade, Criss Cross (Boto Fogo * 2, Volta * 4) x2
Level 3(LOD): Level 1 + Level 2 + Open Rocks x4, Pivots, Promenade Runs

Cha Cha Cha
Level 1(FTW): Basic in Place x2, New York x2, Basic x2, Underarm Turn x2
Level 2(FTW): Level 1 + Three Cha Cha x2
Level 3(FTW): Fan from Close Hold, Alemana Turn, New York x2, Underarm Turn x2, Three Cha Cha x2 ending with Under arm turn

Level 1(FTW): Basic Movement x2, New York x2, Hand to Hand x2, Underarm turn x2
Level 2(FTW): Fan from Close Hold, Alemana Turn,  Cucaracha x3, Spiral Turn to Fan Position, Basic with Turn of the Couple x2
Level 3(FTW): Fan from Open Hold, Alemana, Sliding Doors x2, Cucaracha x3, Spiral to Fan, Hockey Stick, Change of Places

Level 1(FTW): Rhythm group 2-4-6-8
Level 2(FTW): Basic, Change of Place from R to L, Basic Side by Side, Change from L to R /(6)
Level 3(FTW): Plates (2), Chasse with Turn (4),
Basic, Change of Place from R to L, Basic Side by Side, Change from L to R /(6)
Basic, Top, Stop’n’Go/(8)