Our show will make a great entertainment at your wedding and a wonderful gift for a birthday or Bar/Bat mitzvah of your children. The show is planned for one or more couples. All we need is a place to dance, and we guarantee you will have a great time!

A Spanish Suite (watch the video clip)

A traditional Spanish dance, based upon the technique of Pasodoble and Flamenco. A passionate love-story between beautiful Carmen and a Toreador.

Tango (watch the video clip)

A combination of the European and Argentine tango techniques. Jealousy and passion of two lovers, dancing to the sounds of the Libertango.

The Idol (watch the video clip)

The eternal battle between good and evil in free-style choreography, danced to the music of Carl Off.

Angel (watch the video clip)
Every moment that you spend with your lovers and relatives is priceless. And it can be the last one every time... This dance is dedicated to those who are close to us every day.

Magic Doll (watch the video clip)

An exiting Cha Cha tells the story of a mysterious doll, which hypnotizes everybody with her beauty.

The Wild Cat (watch the video clip)

The rhythms of Brazilian Samba will take us to the jungle, where a hunter is going after his pray- a wild cat.

A Latin Mix (watch the video clip)

An exciting mix of 4 Latin dances: Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive.


Frozen (watch the video clip)

An abstract dance choreographed in Latin style asks the question of whether an iceberg of indifference could be melted by the flame of love.

Jail House Rock (watch the video clip)
A beautiful policewoman is chasing a prisoner. How is it going to end? A dance of fun, based upon the rhythms of Jive, Swing and Rock N’ Roll.